Protect Your Vehicles!

One of our neighbors reported that personal belongings had been stolen from their “unlocked” vehicle recently. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this community has been a victim of this type of crime and likely it will not be the last. Moreover, this issue impacts other community’s within and outside of our city. The board of directors would like to offer residents with the following recommendations:

  1. Never leave valuables in your car.
  2. Lock your cars at night, if you cannot park in your garage.
  3. Light up your house in front and in back at night.
  4. Invest in cameras for your exterior – these are relatively inexpensive at retailers like Best Buy or Amazon and will work with your WiFi.
  5. Report anything suspicious and call 911.
  6. Consider storing your key fobs in a protective signal blocking case. This will prevent the use of signal amplification which allows your car to be unlocked easily. Reference: Popular Mechanics 5 Impressive Ways Criminals Use Wireless Signals to Steal Everything—Even Your Car.